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Selasa, 31 Mei 2011

Su-34 Fullback Specifications

Primary Function: Two-seat strike aircraft
Contractor: Sukhoi
Crew: Two (pilot & weapon systems officer)
Unit Cost: ~$35 million
Two Saturn/ Lyul'ka AL-31MF afterburning turbojet engines rated at 58,460 lb thrust
Length: 82.67 ft
Wingspan: 48.18 ft
Height: 20.33 ft
Empty: 30,865 lb
Maximum Takeoff: 99,210 lb
Speed: 1,180 mph (Mach 1.8)
Ceiling: 45,890 ft
Range: 3,775 miles (ferry)
One 30mm GSh-301 cannon, ten hardpoints and two wingtip rails holding up to 12 Alamo or Archer AAMs, ASMs, bombs, and rocket pods
Service Life
First Flight: December 18, 1993
End of Service: N/A
Number Built: In serial production

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