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Kamis, 25 November 2010

Vietnam Navy Continued Modernization with Russian Products

Vietnam Kilo 636 orders will be equipped with Air-independent propulsion / AIP

The volume of orders for the supply of Russian Vietnamese TDC has become comparable to the contracts are realized by the Indian Navy

TSAMTO, VPK. Within the bigstep modernization of the Navy of the country, Vietnam has become one of the largest customers of Russian naval equipment. Cooperation is developing in all segments TDC - fighting surface ships of the main class, the boats of various types and SS.

In late 2009, Russia and Vietnam sign contract for supply of six diesel-electric submarines of Project 636 Kilo worth about 1.8 billion dollars. At the Admiralty Shipyard 26 August this year the ceremony of laying the first of six diesel-electric submarines of Project 636 Kilo, ordered the Navy in Vietnam. According to available data, diesel-electric submarines of Project 636 for the Navy in Viet Nam will be equipped with missile complex Club-S ".
Kilo 636 Vietnam will be equipped with Club S cruise missile, can reach 220km target (image : Novator)

Three months after signing the contract, the parties began negotiations on the construction of the item-based diesel-electric submarines and associated infrastructure. Financial parameters of the program experts estimate the sum, which is comparable or even greater than the cost of the diesel-electric submarines.

In the future, Vietnam expects to receive a loan from Russia for the construction of not only the locations of submarines, but also for the purchase of ships of various types (including rescue, supply vessels) and naval aircraft.

It should be noted that the submarine force and naval aviation will be new structures in the Armed Forces in Vietnam.

Molniya class missile boat, length 56,9m and full displacement 550ton (photo : Hoangsa)

The second largest project in the segment of TDC is the program delivery and licensed production of boats "Molniya", the total cost is estimated at $ 1 billion. In the 1990's. Vietnam was delivered four boats Project 1241RE Molniya rocket complex "Termite." In 1993, Vietnam has bought a license for the building of missile boats Project 1241.8 Molniya rocket complex "Uran." Supply of technical, regulatory and technological documentation for the construction of these ships began in 2005. From 2006 began the process of preparation for manufacture. According to the contract signed in 2003, two-boat project 1241.8 Molniya rocket complex "Uran" to be built in Russia and 10 boats on the Russian license in Vietnam. The first missile boat "Molnya" project 1241.8 rocket strike systems "Uran-E" was handed over to Vietnam in 2007, the second - in 2008. In 2010, with the laying of the first boats in the shipyard in Ho Chi Minh City, the start of the licensed part of the contract for construction of 10 boats, intended to last until 2016.

In the segment BNK OK with Vietnam implemented a major project to supply frigates. In 2006, Rosoboronexport signed with the Vietnamese Navy contract worth 350 million dollars to supply two frigates of Project 11661 “Gepard-3.9". Project developer is Zelenodolskoye PKB. Artist of the contract - OAO Zelenodolsky Shipyard.

Gepard class frigates, length 102m and displacement 2100ton (photo : shipspotting)

ZPKB proposed for Navy Vietnam upgraded version of Project 11661 “Gepard-3.9". It is based on the escort ship "Tatarstan", adopted by the arms of the Caspian Fleet of the Russian Navy.

Upgraded "Gepard" for Vietnam built by stealth. The ship is armed with antiaircraft complex "Palma-SU" with a new electro-optical guidance system and missile system "Uran".

Work to equip the frigates, the equipment are completed. Currently, two frigates of project 11661 “Gepard-3.9" tested in the Baltic. Then the ships will leave in Baltiisk, where they will transfer to the customer.

Project 11661 frigates are designed for searching, locating and destroying surface, underwater and air targets, either alone or in a group of ships. They can solve the escort and patrol tasks. Armament is two quad CP PKR Uran-E, 76-mm artillery shells of AK-176M, two 30-mm artillery AK-630M and 533-mm torpedo tubes. Displacement - 2100 tons, speed - 28 knots, the autonomy of the sea passage - 20 days. May be based on the frigate helicopters Ka-28 or Ka-31.

The Vietnamese side expressed its readiness to build under license by two more similar ships in the shipyards in Ho Chi Minh City (this option is not yet implemented).

Svetlyak class patrol boat, length 49m and displacement 390 ton (photo : ttvnol)

From Vietnam continues to implement the program delivery of patrol boats. In summer 2002, two patrol boats project 10412 Type "Svetlyak" ordered Navy Viet Nam, was launched at the shipyard "Almaz" (St. Petersburg). Both boats in January 2003 were transferred to the customer. The cost of each ship is from 10 to 15 million.

Is constructed on the basis of a contract signed with the Vietnamese side Rosoboronexport in November 2001. Boats of the "Svetlyak" are intended to protect the maritime border, coastal communications and combat poachers. In the armed ship - two artillery of the AK-306, a system for combating air targets Igla-1M.

At the same time Viet Nam expressed his intention to continue the construction program for the national Navy boats of the "Svetlyak" (as a whole dealt with the construction of a series of 10-12 patrol boats of this type). This program was further developed in 2009. In the summer of 2009 by two Russian shipyards (shipbuilding company Almaz shipyard and the East Wharf "in Vladivostok) was laid in a total of four patrol boats project 10412 "Svetlyak"(2 on each boat), commissioned by the Ministry of Defense of Vietnam.

TFR Project 10412 was developed in St. Petersburg JSC "Central Marine Design Bureau Almaz. Cutters have high seaworthiness, speed - 30 knots. On board mounted gun, anti-aircraft guns. Crew - 28 people.

Shipbuilding company Almaz was planning to pass two boats to the customer before the end of 2010. Terms of delivery vehicles "Eastern shipyard has not been reported.

K300P Bastion land based anti ship missile, can reach 300 km target (photo : ttvnol)
Until the end of this year, Vietnam will also send mobile coastal missile system (MSMC) K-300P "Bastion-P". Vietnam became the first customer "Bastion", signed in 2006 a contract to supply two sets of MSMC.

In January 2002, JSC "Kronstadt" has set for the Navy in Viet Nam first full-scale simulator "Tarantul I” 1241RE. With the help of marine simulator "Tarantul I", staged in 2002, the Vietnamese sailors practiced management skills 1241RE missile boats of the project with a set of "Termite", set in 1990.

Cooperation with Vietnam on naval simulators has been further developed. Vietnam expressed his intention to purchase an integrated simulator for the three types of ships - Project 1241RE, Project 1241.8 frigates procured and Gepard.
Tarantul I class, length 56m and displacement 590 ton (photo : Militaryphotos)

Rosoboronexport, in September 2006 signed a contract with the Navy in Viet Nam to upgrade treadmill "Tarantul I” 1241RE and delivery of new simulators for missile launches and projects 1241RE 1241.8 Molniya. The delivery was implemented in December 2007.

Apart from Russia, Vietnam is actively cooperating in the field of TDC with India, which is its strategic ally in the region.

In March 2002, Vietnam and India have signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of rehabilitation, modernization and construction of fast patrol boats, as well as training technical personnel, including divers. Several times India has assisted in the delivery of spare parts for ships, which are overwhelmingly produced in the USSR and Russia.

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