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Kamis, 11 November 2010

Russian Air Force

1] The Russian Air Force is having 2,749 aircraft at present. Total Combat aircraft - 1,281 ; Total Bomber aircraft - 166 , Total Trainer aircraft- 504 , Total Transport Aircraft -195 ; Total Aerial refueling aircraft- 20 , Total Reconnaissance aircraft - 44 ; Total Attack Helicopters - 301, Total Transport Helicopters -232. Though this number is huge but these include lot of old fighter and bombers from SU-25 , MIG-29 , SU-27. But still it represents a super power in region and take on any enemy in the region and beyond it. (9/10)
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2] Combat aircraft : Sukhoi SU-27 , SU-30 , SU-34 , SU-35 , SU-25 , SU-24.
MIG 29 , MIG 31 , MIG 35
Bomber Aircraft : Tupolev Tu-22M , Tupolev Tu-95 , Tupolev Tu-160
Transport Aircraft : Ilyushin Il-76 , Ilyushin Il-112 , Antonov An-12 , Antonov An-22 , Antonov An-26 , Antonov An-124
Attack Helicopter : Kamov Ka-50 , Kamov Ka-52 , Mil Mi-24 , Mil Mi-28.
Transport Helicopter : Kamov Ka-60 , Mil Mi-26 , Mil Mi-8.
ref: wiki (7/10)

3] Air to Air Missile ( Vympel R-73 (AA-11 Archer) , Vympel R-77 ). R-77 is longest range missile in the world with 180 Km but still unproven in the combat. (8/10)

Air to Ground Missile
* AS-1 'Kennel' (KS-1 Kometa)
* AS-2 'Kipper' (K-10S Yen)
* AS-3 'Kangaroo' (H-20)
* AS-4 'Kitchen' (H-22 Burya)
* AS-5 'Kelt' (H-11/KSR-2)
* AS-6 'Kingfish' (H-26/KSR-5)
* AS-7 'Kerry' (H-66, H-23 Grom)
* AS-8 (9M114V Sturm-V)
* AS-9 'Kyle' (H-28)
* AS-10 'Karen' (H-25)
* AS-11 'Kilter' (H-58 Izdeliye)
* AS-12 'Kegler' (H-25MP, H-27PS)
* AS-13 'Kingbolt' (H-59 Ovod)
* AS-14 'Kedge' (H-29)
* AS-15 'Kent' (H-55/H-65S Izdeliye)
* AS-16 'Kickback' (H-15)
* AS-17 'Krypton' (H-31)
* AS-18 Kazoo (H-59M Ovod-M)
* AS-19 'Koala' (P-750 Grom)
* AS-X-19 'Koala' (3M25A Meteorit-A)
* AS-20 'Kayak' (H-35/H-37 Uran)
* AS-X-21 (Kh-90 Gela)

Surface to Air Missile - Best know Russian SAM missiles are S-300 , S-400 and S-500 that can shoot down any missile , planes and these are far effective than US missiles. Russian have mastered themselves in SAM technology and these cheap and high agile missiles are able to track and shoot down with stealth planes. ( 10/10)

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4] Training of Pilots - Russian pilots lacks training and not adequate training faculties but they have gained there reputation by there experience and skills , they are best out there but needs modern machines and moder training and can prove deadly.(8/10)

5] Russia has started spending in future planes with T-50 FA already begun its testing , planning to invest in 5th generation bombers and combat helicopters that will challenge US supremacy. Though russia will not be able to out perform US numbers but they can make less expensive fighters and with Sukhoi and MIG reputation they can surely challenge F-35 easily. Russia lags in UAV tech and needs to cover it sooner as possible to fill the gap between past and future.

With T-50 already getting reputation to challenge F-35 , SU-47 prototype showing there engineering skills shows bright side in future for Russian air force.

6] Russia got engage in some wars with Chechnya , Georgia and loose couple of aircrafts with very small defenses. This makes it vulnerable with bigger countries , though loses will be great for Russia in full scale war but still they can outperform enemy and this the way of Russian fighting.

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